Act To Win For 11.11.2017

So much progress in one crucial week! Indivisible Sonoma County leaders and activists are ‘charged up’ by the wins in the states of Virginia, New Jersey and Washington. 

As one of our team leaders says regarding this last week’s elections: “A year ago today we were crying with tears of disbelief, sorrow and rage. Tuesday, we cried again, but with tears of joy! "

Let’s get to work. This Act To Win features Alabama and California.


(1) Your personal, handwritten postcards may well help Doug Jones  win the Senate seat. There is urgency since the election is on December 12 (as long Alabama government does not change the date due to the revelations of Roy Moore’s sexual molestation).

Here is the way it works as an individual project when YOU sign in. Click here now: 

This team started with the Ossoff race and has built into a machine. They explain the process well here:

In summary, once you ‘create your own’ postcard,  you handwrite a message using their simple instructions, and then take a photo of your postcard and email it back to them, acknowledging you understand the rules of the campaign, you become a Verified Writer

Once you are vetted you will get your first list of names via email with a deadline to get them out in the mail ASAP.

(2)  For those who prefer the phone app, you can start this process with ABBY and then you will be directed to the instructions above #1. The advantage of the ABBY text bot is that once you have been approved by the administrators, your interactions with Abby will be streamlined to get you addresses for the campaign of your choice.

Text the word Hello to 1-484-ASK-ABBY which is 1-484-275-2229. Abby will respond accordingly. If you have never interacted with Abby before, she will ask you for basic contact information like name, email address and zip code. ABBY will get you the first email from See (1) above.

(3)  Get involved with Alabama Indivisible via Facebook and Twitter. Check out their amazing campaign to


Nearly every flippable Republican District in California now has a liaison within our Out of District group. This key person (or people) help research, coordinate and communicate with that district. One exception is Bakersfield/Kern County’s horrible Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a wicked strong fundraiser and House Majority Leader. McCarthy wants to make sure the TrumpTaxScam passes and he still wants to take away our healthcare.

Read this from

Your Action to WIn: Email us right away at and let us know you can step up to be our new District Liaison with CA-23. The next Out of District meeting is the 1st Monday in December. We would love to hear from you, and hope you will jump on board.

Talk to you soon,

Karen D’Or, Indivisible Sonoma County

Act to Win is the new weekly post from Indivisible Sonoma County pointing you to electoral work outside of our deep blue Sonoma County Districts. We are now ramping up this work as part of the Indivisible 2.0 winning strategy