Actions! 3.4-3.10.2019

What a joy to see Congress begin their oversight role with such gusto. This is not your father’s Congress, indeed!

Before you do anything else,
please use our Phone Scripts 3.4-3.10.2019 to call our Members of Congress.

Now until April 2
Comment here about the current administration’s efforts to decrease funding for supplemental nutrition (SNAP). We cannot look away for even a moment - the damage being done is too great.

Read the bill, act on the bill
which the Sen. Majority Leader called a thinly veiled attempt to get more Democrats to vote, is up for discussion. Here’s a link to the bill. If you agree that this would strengthen our democracy, call your MoC. (Indivisible national has some positive words for this legislation.)

HR8, sponsored by our own Rep. Mike Thompson, would implement improved background checks for gun ownership. The first hearing on this bill is scheduled for Feb. 8. If you cannot be in DC, make certain you read and react to the bill. Our MoCs need to hear from you. (Link to the bill.)

HR109 is the Green New Deal act, which is sponsored by both Representatives Huffman and Thompson, as well as a host of other members of the House. Several members of the Senate including Senator Kamala Harris, have also publicly supported it. If approved by both the House and the Senate, the president would have to decide whether to reject a bill that offers improved financial security, significant investment in infrastructure, and a path toward energy independence. Here’s a link to the bill as introduced.

March 5
2019 Holocaust and Genocide Lecture Series
Genocide in Our Time: It Can Happen Here
Refugees, Climate Change and Conflict
Professor Alex Alvarez, Ph.D., Northern Arizona University
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
4 - 6 PM
Sonoma State University
Warren Auditorium
1801 East Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park

Underwritten by Dennis Judd and by Carol & Ralph Swanson.

Here’s a link to more information:

All lectures are free and open to the public.

March 5
Swing Left Sonoma County: Mardi Gras Happy Hour!
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
4 - 6 PM
Ricardo's Bar & Grill
2700 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa

Let's support Louisiana Democrats in 2019

Louisiana will be electing State Senators in 2019. At the same time Democratic Governor Jon Bel Edwards needs to be re-elected. Both of these races are critical for fair district mapping in the great state of Louisiana! Join us for Fat Tuesday discussion of how we can help.

Sign Up here.


March 5
Postcard Writing Party

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Noon - 2 PM
Round Table Pizza
Montgomery Village
2424 Magowan Dr., Santa Rosa

Packets of postcards and stamps sold at cost: $9-$10 per packet of 20 addresses. (20 addresses are doable in 2 hrs.) Colored pens and other supplies available.

Pizza served for lunch at no charge, provided by IndivisibleSoCo, but donations, going directly to IndivisibleSoCo, accepted and appreciated.

Postcard events every week on Tuesdays thru when we win back our government!!

RSVP/more info:
Gloria Bealer, 707-545-1305 or email or take a chance and just come.

More details: Postcard Parties

March 6
Swing Left Rohnert Park Voter Registration Postcard Party

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
4 - 6 PM

RSVP for location.

It's time to get to work on 2020! Join Swing Left for a house party, where we'll be writing letters to unregistered voters in critical states, with registration links and instructions in the envelope. This proven tactic will help us work on crucial races all over the country - right from our living rooms!

RSVP here, and be sure to invite your friends, too: let them know that Swing Left is pioneering an innovative program, Voter Registration By Mail (VRBM) to help volunteers like us register Super State voters by mail, with help from our partners at Vote Forward and the Voter Participation Center.

Think about it: if you help register a voter in one of our targeted Super States, that voter can help us win a key Senate seat, a Presidential swing state, and key State House and Senate races necessary to roll back gerrymanders —all with a single vote. That’s what Swing Left's Super State Strategy is all about: maximizing the impact of your time and money! Looking forward to seeing you!

Once you register you will receive location details!

By clicking RSVP, you agree to Swing Left’s Organizer Liability Statement

Contact: Karen D'or at

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Please use our Phone Scripts 3.4-3.10.2019

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