Action! 5.17-5.20.2018

What gets you going?  What keeps you going? Why are you in this fight?

For most of the dedicated Indivisible leadership, it’s a combination of fear and duty. We do this together. Fear of where this administration could take us. Duty to the earth and the next generations as we make certain that terrible future does not happen.

Most of all, we are in this together. And together, we are Indivisible.

Are you ready to make a difference?
Looking for a way to change the world?
Have you seen our calendar?

Indivisible Sonoma County collaborates with other Indivisible groups and resistance organizations around the county and throughout California to expand the ways you can help us make a difference and vote people into Congress who will protect our democracy. And we put all those opportunities on our calendar. Easy to use, and easy to find some ways to resist.


This administration’s agenda doesn’t depend on the current president, but rather on whether our elected officials go along with him or resist. Our elected officials have resisted,  and you get the credit for their strength.

You applied your constituent power and, incredibly, you have altered the national political landscape. A ragtag bunch of volunteers just doing their civic duty on their home turf has won a breathtaking series of victories. And really made an impact in special elections and primaries

But you know these victories aren’t final. To stop the Republican agenda of racism, authoritarianism, and plutocracy, we have to take back power from those who abuse it.

First, we must retake the reins of power. It matters who controls Congress, state governments, and local institutions. Beating Republicans, as they try to achieve their awful agenda, is a general election goal, and it’s absolutely necessary if we are to stop this Administration from causing further harm.

Second, we must support leaders who will not just oppose the current administration’s harmful agenda, but who will fight every day for progressive values and stand indivisible with us all. That means we have to care about who wins not just the general election, but primary elections as well.

And California’s primary is nearly here. Over the next three weeks, every day should be a day of action, and every step you take should help us get. closer to that blue wave.

This week you can join us in taking a stand by sending texts, writing postcards, and making phone calls. And by sustaining that blue wave, we will take control!

Take a drive to Healdsburg on Thursday evening for more activities, or join a phone bank in Santa Rosa (scroll down).

Invite a friend to head to Occidental on Friday to listen to Daniel Ziblatt talk about his book “How Democracies Die” And if you haven’t read it yet, this might be a good time to pick up your copy.

Spend the weekend helping to canvass in CA-04 with Swing Left. Or head to CA-07 for the day on Sunday.

On Monday, you can join a phone bank (scroll down) and call voters to help move congressional districts from Red to Blue.

Tuesday and Wednesday there are so many chances to write postcards to voters with your Indivisible friends that you just have to make a choice. Or take a risk with writer’s cramp!

And if you are too busy this week for postcards and phonebanks, check out our calendar! There are new opportunities every week.

Don’t forget to call your member of Congress. Use our scripts Phone Scripts 5.17-5.20.2018, sign up for Amplify, or maybe join a texting party!  We cannot take back our country unless we all work together.

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