Action! Week of 5.21.2018

Actions speak louder than words. We are making changes and shaking up the political world - one election, one phone call, one postcard, one text, one door at a time. There’s only one way to change things - just do it!

Join your friends and make new ones. We work together, and together, we are Indivisible.

Are you ready to make a difference?
Looking for a way to change the world?
Have you seen our calendar?

Indivisible Sonoma County collaborates with other Indivisible groups and resistance organizations around the county and throughout California to expand the ways you can help us make a difference and vote people into Congress who will protect our democracy. And we put all those opportunities on our calendar. Easy to use, and easy to find some ways to resist.


There are 169 days until the mid-term election. Help us make the most of them!
If you listen to the pundits, the ‘blue wave’ has already crested, and will not really reach the shore. It will make no difference - because generic Democrats are not super far ahead of generic Republicans in the polls.

We know better. We know that every time someone decides to vote, that’s a victory. And every time a Democrat wins a seat formerly held by a Republican - any Democrat, any Republican - that’s also a victory.

We love victories. Each one is a special goal.

How do we reach our goals? By mailing those postcards, making those calls to voters, sending those texts, and knocking on those doors.

So far, volunteers from Indivisible Sonoma County have sent over 17,000 postcards to mobilize voters for the June 3 primary. They have made thousands more phone calls (working with other volunteers) and have knocked on doors in Southern California, Eastern California, and this week, around Truckee!

Last Tuesday, Democrats supported by Indivisible won - in races big and small. They won with help from Emily’s List, and Swing Left, and Sister Districts - and Indivisible volunteers like us.

On many Tuesdays until November, somewhere in the US, there will be a primary or special election. And we will build our blue wave each primary, and each election. By November, we will all see big changes. That is, if we work together.

This week you can join us in taking a stand by sending texts, writing postcards, and making phone calls. And by sustaining that blue wave, we will take control!

On Monday, you can join a phone bank and call voters to help move congressional districts from Red to Blue. (Scroll down.

Tuesday and Wednesday there are so many chances to write postcards to voters with your Indivisible friends that you just have to make a choice. Or take a risk with writer’s cramp!

On Thursday, there’s still time to write postcards and have some pizza - or, you can spend the evening making phone calls.

Take a break on Friday to rest and restore (there’s still time to see Gentlemen Basterds).

Spend the weekend canvassing in Modesto or Roseville.

And if you are too busy this week for postcards and phone banks, check out our calendar! There are new opportunities every week.

Don’t forget to call your member of Congress. Use our scripts: Phone Scripts 5.21-5.23.2018, sign up for Amplify, or maybe join a texting party!  We cannot take back our country unless we all work together.

Have you joined Amplify?
This app for your smart phone makes using our scripts super easy.

To join our team on Amplify:
1. Install the app for iPhone or Android
   From your cell phone, go to:
2. Sign up for a new account
3. Search for us by name or enter code: 550-532-372