Action! 5.28-5.30.2018

There are so many routes to our resistance. We’re highlighting opportunities to ensure the the Blue Wave in CA-49.

This Week’s Target:  CA-49
California House District 49, along the northern coast of San Diego county, should be a great opportunity this year for us to turn blue. And it will – but only if we can get a Democrat on the ballot. California’s top two primary system advances the two top vote-getters, irrespective of party affiliation. While the idea of this “jungle primary” system was to encourage moderates to reach out across party lines, it also presents a danger:  if either party advances too many credible candidates, they may work against each other to split the vote, putting two candidates from the opposing party on the ticket instead.

That’s the danger now in CA-49. Its current Representative is Republican Darryl Issa, who only won reelection in 2016 by 1,621 votes as the district went for Hilary by over 7 points. The Cook Political Report rates the district “Leans Democratic”. Seeing the writing on the wall earlier this year, Issa decided to retire. The upside is that an open race should be easier to win. The downside is that there are now a number of both Democrat (4) and Republican candidates (8) in the race, creating the split-ticket risk.

The solution? Make sure we turn out as many Democratic voters as we can on June 5th! We’ve included three ways – easy, moderate and All-In – for you to choose from below. Please help us get ready to turn CA-49 blue by getting a Democrat on the ticket. This final week before the primary is critical!

Here are ways for you to build the wave:


Thurs, May 31, 5:00-7:00    Join OFA as they text into CD 39, 48 and 49!!  

You will need a cell phone, and the Hustle App. We can help you with the process for downloading the App. This is fun and effective way to reach out to hundreds of voters in a 2 hour period.  /  RSVP ASAP: Please email Dianne your name, cell phone # and email address, also let her know if you have the Hustle App on your phone.  Contact: Dianne Boals

Swing Left Sonoma County Get Out The Vote Weekend Phone Bank, Saturday June 2nd

Canvass in Orange County with Swing Left Sonoma Country, June 2 & 3

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