Action! 5.2-5.6.2018

Indivisible works because we all work toward the same goals - a country that respects the rule of law, supports science, encourages education, and creates and maintains an unbiased playing field. Together, we are indivisible. And this is what democracy looks like.

Are you ready to make a difference?
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Indivisible Sonoma County collaborates with other Indivisible groups and resistance organizations around the county and throughout California to expand the ways you can help us make a difference and vote people into Congress who will protect our democracy. And we put all those opportunities on our calendar. Easy to use, and easy to find some ways to resist.


Meet Janet
Janet never wants to be the social butterfly. Give her some data to crunch, or some other behind-the-scenes work to do, and she’ll be happy. But we called, and she answered. You can meet Janet and others like her as they run phone banks, getting out the vote for candidates in our efforts to turn Congress from Red to Blue.

Isabel shows up for marches, but she really doesn’t want to talk to voters. She feels awkward, and the idea makes her nervous.

We all get nervous talking to people we don’t know. And we all fear that someone we call will be rude. When you work as part of a team, there’s someone there to support you, cheer you on, and help you deal with a bad contact. Janet knows that there is strength in numbers, which is why she’s leading a phone bank.

Be like Janet. Join her and your other organizers at the Swing Left phone bank of your choice. There are phone banks all across the area on Saturday, May 5 - a statewide day of resistance. Have you signed up for one yet? Click here to get started.

If you still feel a bit like Isabel, read the Activists Tools for Introverts. It will help you get started.

And if you are too busy this weekend for a phone bank, check out our calendar! There area phone banking opportunities every week.

Phone banking still not your thing? Join us for writing postcards to voters, sending texts, knocking on doors, and building our community. Start here.

And don’t forget to call your member of Congress. Use our scripts Phone Scripts 5.2-5.6.2018, sign up for Amplify, or maybe join a texting party!  We cannot take back our country unless we all work together.

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