Action! 5.10-5.13.2018

Your calls, your postcards, and your texts really make a difference. How do we know? Indivisible groups in other congressional districts tell us.

And because together, we are indivisible. This is what democracy looks like.

Are you ready to make a difference?
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Indivisible Sonoma County collaborates with other Indivisible groups and resistance organizations around the county and throughout California to expand the ways you can help us make a difference and vote people into Congress who will protect our democracy. And we put all those opportunities on our calendar. Easy to use, and easy to find some ways to resist.


Update from the Field
Every day we urge you - yes, you! - to make a call, send a text, write a postcard, and knock on a door. Why? Because it matters. And because you make a difference.

Here’s what we’ve heard from the field:

Support and gratitude in CA-01
Our three women candidates are actively campaigning in every corner of the district and we can hardly wait to be able to campaign for the voter-endorsed one that wins in the primary.

So often I had heard that people thought they were the "only Democrat" in their community.  No longer.  Even some of those who were very disenchanted with the Democratic Party realize that we have good candidates running in our district and that we need to change the party from within if we don’t like what is happening.

Your help in the Blue Bubble contributes to the feeling that we can change this district with help from our friends.  We still have 5,000 GOTV postcards available to mail to writers but it doesn't look like we will get all of them deployed before the primary at this point.  Still, 23,000 postcards sent to that many households with the "missing voters" will make a difference.  That has not been attempted before as far as we know, nor has district-wide coordination of efforts. In addition, 250 volunteer canvassers were trained this year and are out contacting voters directly with a precinct captain program.  We believe that the groundwork is being laid for the long-term effort to take back our district. 

Concerns out of CA-25
The moderate Republicans in the District are really upset about the tax scam and are not buying the 'good for small business' propaganda.  We're in a more comfortable position than some of the other red Districts in that there are no other GOP candidates running against the incumbent, so we'll have at least one Dem on the ticket.

My fear is that the Republican Party and the NRA will be pouring dollars into these red districts as well as some of the Democratic infighting I'm seeing.  This election is ours to lose, as long as we all work together.

Opportunities in CA-42
What the stats don’t tell you, though, is that there are a lot of new residents in areas like ours, owing to a surge in new housing. The voter registration rates in those areas are low. So the campaign has been focusing on voter registration drives in areas where people have recently moved (in the last 5 years) but haven’t re-registered at their new address.

I think we’re going to see some surprising outcomes this year!

Not everyone happy about what you have been doing. Here’s part of a brochure from the competition in CA-08 (I think he’s scared):

Democrat's just don't get it!

No one cares about Russian or other conspiracies dreamed up by Mueller, nor are they shocked about the Stormy Daniels allegations.

What do we care about in California?

That Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown wants to turn our neighborhoods into "sanctuaries" for criminal aliens.

While Democrats want to disarm us, censor us, and even declare the Bible hate speech—in order to justify banning the parts they don't like—establishment Republicans like my opponent remain silent.

Silence is consent!

With all these unchallenged violations of the very thing our government was formed to protect—our natural, God-given rights—you've got to wonder why these GOP establishment dinosaurs even run for office at all.

That's why we need to replace them with representatives that get it!

There is only one way to respond to this type of truly ‘fake news’ - and that’s to get to work.

You can send postcards to newly-registered voters in CA-23, urging them to turn out for the primary. Just contact our postcard volunteer, Jack. And if you feel like taking on that candidate in CA-08 who lies and misleads (in my opinion), you call also let Jack ( know that. He’s got a list for you.

And if you are too busy this week for postcards, check out our calendar! There are new opportunities every week.

Would you rather help with a phone bank? Or would you want to do something else to build that blue wave? Join us for sending texts, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and building our community. Start here.

And don’t forget to call your member of Congress. Use our scripts Phone Scripts 5.10-5.13.2018, sign up for Amplify, or maybe join a texting party!  We cannot take back our country unless we all work together.

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