Action! 6.18-6.20.2018

If there is one issue, just one, for this week it ought to be the current administration’s treatment of children who are brought into the US without papers. From the DREAMers to babies torn from their mothers’ arms, there are no words - and no promises - that are sacred.

Call. Write. Act.

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Join us on Monday, June 25, 6-8PM for the Indivisible Sonoma County General Meeting.  We look forward to welcoming our New and Returning Members. We have an exciting program prepared for you.  

  • Santa Rosa City Councilperson Chris Rogers will join us to discuss the transition from at-large to district-based elections starting in November 2018.  
  • Larry Martin will join us to talk about the results of the primaries as well as what's happening as we head towards November.  
  • Karen D'Or From Swingleft will also join us to talk about phone banking opportunities and what else can be done before November.

Learn about our exciting events and actions planned for summer/fall of 2018

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We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event.

Indivisible Sonoma County collaborates with other Indivisible groups and resistance organizations around the county and throughout California to expand the ways you can help us make a difference and vote people into Congress who will protect our democracy. And we put all those opportunities on our calendar. Easy to use, and easy to find some ways to resist.

Do you text? Do you call? Do you send postcards? Here’s ways to help keep the momentum!

Tom Steyer is launching a  new "Blue Wave" program to expand NextGen America's volunteer network from 11 states to all 50 states by creating an online community to help engage voters before November. The program will create an online community of volunteers who will work to meet NextGen America's goal of texting 7 million voters and making 500,000 calls in the group's targeted congressional districts.

This "distributed organizing" model is similar to what Bernie Sanders used in 2016. Click here to learn more.

Get involved with Sister District, Swing Left Sonoma County, OFA, and Indivisible Sonoma County ( And if you can, start helping vital campaigns.

Who does Indivisible endorse?
While Indivisible Sonoma County chose not to endorse in the primary, Indivisible 435 has a list of endorsed candidates in California and across the US - and that list continues to grow. Stay tuned for opportunities to help candidates from California to Minnesota to Florida. Because we’re all in this together. And together we are Indivisible.

In July, postcards and texts and phone banks to turn out the vote in California will begin again - and your energy and commitment will fuel the blue wave! And then get get ready to restart the resistance. Continue to check out our calendar! There are new opportunities every week.

Don’t forget to call your member of Congress every day.
Use our scripts Phone Scripts 6.18-6.20.2018, and sign up for Amplify. We fuel the blue wave by our commitment to standing up for our constitution.

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