Action! 6.21-6.24.2018

Infest. Invaders. WhompWhamp. No apologies.

Whether we support open borders, reasonable immigration, restrictive immigration, or humanitarian asylum, we cannot support this evil.

Even as the Executive Order is signed, our allies question our morals. The children already taken may remain separated, because this government didn’t plan for reuniting families.

What can we do? Rally. March. Call. Write. Act.

Saturday, June 23 at 10:00 AM, San Francisco
10 - 11:30 AM
Embaradero Plaza (Justin Herman Plaza)
Go to Facebook: Families Belong Together - San Francisco

Oppose the cruel, inhumane and illegal separation of children from their parents/legal guardians along the U.S. border with Mexico, at other ports of entry into the U.S and in our communities. Protest the conditions in which these children are kept. Protest the irreversible trauma that has been perpetrated in our communities for the crime of seeking a better life, migration. Stand together to demand an END to family separation.

Sunday, June 24
1 - 3 PM
Veteran Memorial Park
Napa, California 94558

Join the Women’s March of Napa, Latinos Unidos de Napa, and concerned parents to send a message to the current administration to stop their war on children.

Join us on Monday, June 25, 6-8PM for the Indivisible Sonoma County General Meeting.
We’re going to focus on immigration and Indivisible.

Santa Rosa City Councilperson Chris Rogers will join us to discuss the transition from at-large to district-based elections starting in November 2018.  

Friday, June 29
5 – 6 PM
Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa
Becky Montgomery will be holding another rally to call attention to the warehousing of Immigrant children in cages. We need to be screaming about this until every child is reunited with their parents.

In July, postcards and texts and phone banks to turn out the vote in California will begin again - and your energy and commitment will fuel the blue wave! And then get get ready to restart the resistance. Continue to check out our calendar! There are new opportunities every week.

Don’t forget to call your member of Congress every day about the current administration’s war on children. Use our scripts Phone Scripts 6.21-6.24.2018, and sign up for Amplify. We fuel the blue wave by our commitment to standing up for our constitution.

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