Action! 7.2-7.4.2018

Thousands of us wore white and took to the streets on Saturday to remind this administration, and this congress, that we are here, we are watching, and we will not be silent.

And that we’re just getting started.

What can we do? Rally. March. Call. Write. Act. And VOTE!

In the California primary, postcards produced about 1 additional voter per 25 cards written. Congressional District 1 says their voter count increased from 37% in the 2016 presidential election to 49% in the 2017 Primaries - a 33% increase. This is a phenomenal change, and one we need to see grow.

From our Indivisible Gloria Bealer:
There are a few ways to get involved now writing postcards. Remember they're all IMPORTANT!

  • Text ‘hello’ to Abbythebot (4842752229.) These postcards will most likely be sent all over the country to campaigns that need help.
  • This group is associated with Abbythebot.
  • Email Ashley Davis in Congressional District 22. Andrew Janz is running to replace Devin Nunes (writing now to Independents, will change as time goes on)
  • Coming online mid July Congressional District 1 will be sending postcards in support of Audrey Denny to replace LaMalfa. Thes are General Election Campaign postcards!

Continue to check out our calendar! There are new opportunities every week.

Don’t forget to call your member of Congress every day about the current administration’s war on children. Use our scripts Phone Scripts 7.2-7.4.2018, and sign up for Amplify. We fuel the blue wave by our commitment to standing up for our constitution.

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