Take Action 10.23.2017

1. Take Action.

Take Action by letting Congress know that the proposed tax changes are completely unacceptable. The plan that the Republican Senate majority sent to the Republican House majority calls for a tax cut of $1.5 trillion.  That’s $1,500,000,000,000. Most of that cut will be provided to individuals and corporations that have the highest incomes. Because the Republicans choose not to work collaboratively with Democrats, they decided to create a balanced budget by making $1.5 Trillion in cuts.

What did they propose cutting? $1 trillion from Medicaid. About $470 million from Medicare. Because if you cannot agree to repeal the ACA, there are other ways to destroy medical care for the elderly and the poor.

What happens if funding is cut for medical care? We pay. We pay in our medical bills. We pay for our parents and children. We pay in our insurance costs. And we pay more, because we don’t have the advantage of consolidating the costs.

Our scripts (click here) include an opportunity for you to call our Senators and Representatives. This bill is going to be fast tracked.

Learn more at Not One Penny. https://notonepenny.org/take-action/

2.  Use our Scripts.
It’s time to say ‘thank you’ to some of the many public officials who worked tirelessly to address the recent fire. Use this script - or add to it - to share your thoughts and gratitude.

Call (707) 565-2241

  • Susan Gorin, District 1
  • David Rabbitt, District 2
  • Shirlee Zane, District 3
  • James Gore, District 4
  • Lynda Hopkins, District 5

Sheriff’s Office: (707) 565-2511

Thank You for Standing with Us During the Fires

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent from zip code______ and a member of Indivisible.
I’m calling to thank [the Representative] for their hard work and support for our community during the firestorms of the last two weeks. Our community has been tested as never before. We needed everyone to step up, our representatives included, and everyone did. Thank you so much. I look forward to working with [the Representative] and our local and county community to rebuild our wonderful home.


3. Go to Trainings, Events and Meetings.Many events were cancelled or rescheduled in recent weeks. Our monthly meeting - scheduled for October 23 - was cancelled; and we plan to hold a special meeting in November.

For more events, click our Master Calendar here:  https://www.indivisiblesoco.com/events/?view=calendar&month=October-2017


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