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  • 2300 County Center Dr. Suite A100 Santa Rosa CA USA (map)

Monday November 13 at 11 am. (please note this is a date and time change from previous post!)  Indivisible Sonoma County makes a scheduled drop-in visit to discuss the current state of the tax bill with Congressman Thompson's District Representative, Stephen Gale.

We'll meet at 2300 County Center Drive in Santa Rosa. If you are coming, please *only* show up at 11:00am out of courtesy to the staff. 


Three-quarters of Americans — and more than half of Republicans — believe that wealthy households and big corporations pay too little in taxes, according to a September Associated Press-NORC poll 

Here is how the tax process will roll (quickly!) as per Thompson's DC staffer, Vernon Baker:

  • The budget resolution includes reconciliation instructions that allow for a tax bill to add up to $1.5 trillion in deficits over the next 10 years. It also allows the bill to be passed without the possibility of a filibuster in the Senate, meaning that Republicans only need 50 (plus the Vice President) to pass their tax bill.
  • Ryan should release the bill Wed or Thurs of this week. At this point, there are many more questions than answers as to what will actually be in the bill.
  • We won’t have an official estimate of the costs of the changes in the bill until several days later.
  • Beginning on Monday, Nov. 6, the House Ways and Means Committee will consider the bill. The markup will likely last until Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Beginning on Monday, Nov. 13, the Senate Finance Committee will consider the bill (which may or may not be the same bill)
  • The House will likely vote on the bill considered by Ways & Means on Nov. 16 or 17.
  • The Senate will then work to pass a bill.  Assuming that both bills pass, Republicans will try to negotiate difference between the two bills and pass a final bill by mid-December.

The R's are going to try to move this very, very quickly considering that we’re talking about trillions of dollars and still only have rumor and innuendo about what’s actually going to be in the bill.