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Indivisible Sonoma County

Santa Rosa, CA:

As members of Indivisible Sonoma County, our hearts go out to those public servants who have been attacked in Alexandria, Virginia. Indivisible Sonoma County stands in solidarity with all Americans who believe there is absolutely no room for violence in the public square.  An attack on our elected representatives is an attack on each one of us who cherishes our freedoms. Violence undermines our democracy by spreading fear and terror and only serves to divide an already divided nation.

Indivisible stands for healthy dialogue with a goal to create a “more perfect union” in which every person can express their opinion and live their lives without fear of violence. We are dedicated to the empowerment of all Americans as we seek a common future. We disagree with many of the actions of the current administration and we will continue to fearlessly express our opinions.  But we believe our greatest strength is in our common voice and shared values. Truth is never dispensed from the barrel of a gun.





Indivisible Sonoma County is a grassroots community group comprised of over 900 local residents in Sonoma County who rally in opposition to President Trump’s agenda—one that is dangerously based on racism, authoritarianism and corruption. Indivisible Sonoma County is a fast-growing group of the nationwide Indivisible movement informed by the Indivisible Guide, which details effective ways to influence Members of Congress (MoCs). To reach us, see our social media icons below, or email