Phone Scripts 12.4 - 12.6.17: Make Them Own the Tax Scam/Internet Freedom + More

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Thank our Senators for their consistent support of the rest of us. Urge our Members of Congress to be prepared to let the Republicans shut down the government. Net neutrality, concealed carry - so many issues! And make calls every day!

ALL Members of Congress (MoCs)
DC phone: (202) 224-3841
SF phone:  (415) 393-0707

DC phone: (202) 224-3553
SF phone: (415) 355-9041

DC phone: (202) 225-5161
Petaluma phone:  (707) 981-8967

DC phone: (202) 225-3311
Santa Rosa phone:  (707) 542-7182

Make Republicans Own the Tax Scam

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent from zip code______ and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to thank [the MoC] for [her/his] vehement opposition to the Republican Tax Scam. The tax bills passed by the House and Senate are a vicious attack on working Americans on behalf of the rich and the indolent.

They represent a new low in American politics:  shutting out the other party, avoiding any analysis, rushing the bills through in secrecy and haste, scribbling additions in the margins at the last minute. In every way, they are an atrocity. I know that [the MoC] will do everything possible to stop the final bill. I also know they may nevertheless fail.

So here’s my ask:  make them own this, now and forever. Make this, the decimation of the middle class in order to give the money to those who don’t even need it, the new Republican brand. Stamp it, burning, on their foreheads so that it can never be removed. And one more thing:  remember that this is a fight to the end. There are no more reasonable or responsible Republicans. No moderates, no mavericks.

Going forward, there can be no quarter.


Be Ready To Shut It Down

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent from zip code______ and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to urge [the MoC] to use the leverage they’ll have in the budget negotiations to the full. The Republicans have shown through their atrocious tax bill and their support of a madman in the White House that they will stop at nothing to attack working Americans and our democracy.

With many issues, there is nothing you can do to stop them. But now there is:  they need your vote to keep the government running. Extract a high price:  DACA, CHIP renewal and more. The Republican brand is to be hostile to government and Trump has more than once said that he wanted to shut the government down. If your demands are fair and they won’t give in, they’ll own the shutdown.

So, please – stiffen your spine, be a fighter. See this through and make them pay a high price for your vote.


Preserve Internet Freedom

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent from zip code______ and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to ask [the MoC] to fight the proposed FCC ruling that will gut a free and neutral internet. Gone are the days when free speech entailed talking to your neighbors and writing to your local paper.

All Americans need unrestricted access to the internet in order to have free and open communication and access to information. Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposed ruling would allow internet service providers to decide what content to allow and at what price. This must not happen.

Will [the MoC] fight the proposed ruling to gut net neutrality and a free internet?


Kill the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent from zip code______ and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to support [the MoC] in what I know will be their strong opposition to the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act now making its way through the House.

While the bill’s author claims that he is merely requiring states to recognize licenses that other states have issued, as they already do with marriage and drivers licenses, this misses the point:  all states allow marriage and driving. Responsible states, however, do not allow concealed carry and do not promote lax laws that encourage gun violence. They must not be forced to by Republicans, who are wholly owned by the gun lobby.

Thank [the MoC] in advance for opposing the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.