We Are All In This Together


Each and every one of us is being affected by this immense, unprecedented disaster that has been bearing down on our communities.

Some of us are reading this from shelters. Others, from a motel. Or a car, a coffee shop, or a friend’s couch. We know that if you are safe at home you probably consider yourself lucky, but may also be watching and waiting to see if that changes. And we know that if you have lost a home, a business, or a school, you are not alone.

We are with you. Because we are you. And we are all in this together.

To give all of us time to weather this ongoing crisis, IndySoCo will be pausing action alert emails, new phone scripts, Amplify scripts, web updates, and most political-related social media for the next 10 days or so. We hope to resume these activities sometime around October 20th.

However, we also know how important it can be to maintain some semblance of normalcy and forward movement in a crisis. So if you are able to stay engaged, please continue to make calls and share your stories with Members of Congress. We also heartily endorse Indivisible National’s action lists, which can be found at https://www.indivisible.org/.

Locally, we encourage those of you who are able to volunteer or donate to tune in to KSRO at 1350AM/103.5FM or check http://www.ksro.com/  for the most up to date needs around the county. Another great resource for volunteering and rescue need: http://sonomafireinfo.com/

Below is a list of shelters, organizations, schools, and businesses that may be operating as safe spaces; they need able-and-willing volunteers and donations of essential supplies. 

Be safe, Indys, and take care of each other. We are strong. We are Sonoma County.

And we are Indivisible.

Leaders from all Sonoma County Indivisible groups