Indivisible California Conference Call

On Monday March 27, IndySoCo participated in a conference call hosted by Indivisible California. The purpose was to introduce and engage the various Indivisible groups to further collaborative efforts, and introduce us to new platforms for carrying out objectives.  There were representatives from roughly 15 Indy groups on the call.

Discussion included good ways to conduct outreach to the community: 1) reach individuals; 2) reach progressive groups. Two sources were mentioned: East Bay Action Coalition and North Bay Resistance Directory.

One member stated she had had good luck reaching out to local law enforcement to introduce her Indy group and describe the types of protests they were planning and attending. It was a good idea to preemptively engage law enforcement so that they can recognize the Indivisible members and know they are non-violent and trustworthy at the demonstrations and town halls, etc. She gave them words and phrases to describe her Indivisible group and then at the McClintock town hall, which was very animated, the law enforcement officer countered what Tom McClintock was saying about the Indy members (calling them “anarchists” and “protestors”) and instead used their words to describe them as “concerned constituents just trying to make their voices heard” or “engaged citizens interested in the political process.” IndySoCo group leaders have planned a meeting with our local law enforcement, as well, in April.