Indivisible Meets with Senator Harris' staff

        On March 27th, Senator Harris’s Director of Constituent Services met with leaders of Indivisible Sonoma County, along with leaders from Indivisible groups in Petaluma, Healdsburg, and Sebastopol. He answered questions about Senator Harris’s positions on issues that are important to our activists. Topics included immigration, the environment, and trade policy.

        Senator Harris is working with local officials and with immigrant advocacy groups to counter the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant policies. She encourages anyone who witnesses a potentially unlawful enforcement action to contact her office.  Senator Harris wants California to continue to be a global leader on environmental issues and is working to prevent the Trump Administration from revoking California’s stricter emissions control standards.  She opposes the Trump Administration’s protectionist trade policies, including the proposed 20% border tax. California is the sixth largest economy in the world, and it relies on global trade.  Trump’s protectionist policies would have severe consequences for California’s economy.

        In addition to discussing specific government policies, the Director of Constituent Services noted that Senator Harris has called for an independent investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.  He advised us to continue working with other activists to resist the Trump agenda, rather than getting bogged down with issues that might divide us.  He envisions Indivisible groups working alongside Senator Harris in the coming months and years. To that end, he is open to meeting with local Indivisible leaders once a month. Senator Harris’s office wants to tap into the energy that our groups are generating!

       Senator Harris plans to hold town hall meetings during the April recess, but she may focus on Southern California, where she is not as well known as she is here.  In the meantime, we need to stay in touch with her.  For those of you who prefer emailing rather than calling, it is important to note that Senator Harris’s office treats emails the same as phone calls.  However, emails should be limited to one issue, whereas several points may be covered in one phone call.  Senator Harris also enjoys receiving postcards.