48 Hours to Save the ACA - 4.27.2017

From Indivisible Guide 'Mothership' ~ Save the ACA | April 27, 2017

48 Hours to Save the Affordable Care Act

We have 48 hours to defeat TrumpCare... again. And it's going to come down to YOUR constituent power. Use the information in this document to make sure that your representatives are committed not only to upholding the ACA as a law but supporting it as a means for affordable health care coverage for millions of Americans.

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Republican Members of Congress (MoCs) are trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—again. They want to move forward even though their bill strips coverage from 24 million Americans, even though in March they had to embarrassingly pull their bill from the House floor before a vote, even though a recent Kaiser Health poll shows that 74% of respondents said Republicans should do what they can to make the Affordable Care Act work. This is unacceptable.

Update: MacArthur-Meadows Amendment Only Makes TrumpCare Worse

The latest amendment to TrumpCare was added to appease the radically conservative Freedom Caucus and makes the bill even worse. It is time to once again raise your voice. Your MoCs need to hear from YOU that any more time on TrumpCare is wasted time.

Make calls and visit district offices NOW and demand that your MoC abandon ACA repeal efforts.

Sample Talking Points for Office Visits/Calls