Report on Conference Call with Indivisible California 4/3/17

Announcement – SAVE the DATE for a Big Top Conference for Indy/Resistance activists in Alameda at the Naval Base, May 20 and 21. Proposed schedule includes some Indivisible training and ideas/collaboration, a “decolonization” training session on the topic of race/privilege (which sounds amazing), and open forum with speakers from Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, etc. There will be a website for this soon, as well as a channel inside CA Slack (Resistance Conference). Stay tuned for more on this!

Kensington has created an “Indivisible Website in a Box” for any new chapter that wants a website and needs a boost. Check out

Also, remember you can get Amplify at

The connection technology is coming!

There are a few new platforms coming online soon, and it will be important for Indy chapters to agree on the preferred ones so we can more easily communicate and collaborate across districts and states. One is Mobilize, which is similar to Slack, but without the limit on data. The limited data on Slack will make it top out before all the members in larger groups are connected on it. Mobilize has no limit and thus will be a better platform for connecting with the larger membership (statewide, interstate, etc.). Also, there is a video feature.

In addition, Sparxo, an interactive, shareable calendaring app to ease the Indy connections. It can push notifications on the fly for last-minute updates to protest and events. This sounds fabulous for communicating among groups and keeping track of the various events, especially inter-district. Stay tuned for the rollout of this within several weeks.

Many people were interested in what they could do out of district (because their districts are fairly securely blue with the MoCs taking the positions we want them to). A few chapters had had speakers from Sister District, Take Back America, Swing Left, OFA, etc. come to a meeting and do a presentation. A question: why does Indivisible have to reinvent the wheel when these organizations have a target on neighboring red or purple districts that need assistance. Perhaps we should investigate simply utilizing the methodology of one of the existing swing groups.

ISF is asking for support/sign-on to a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein regarding holding a real town hall. There was much support but slight hesitation because she is very busy and represents a whole state, so the location of this town hall would be problematic. It was suggested that she may hold a conference call instead (which would be a better idea anyway for people who were not able to travel to the event). Does IndySoCo want to sign on to the letter?

Another conference call was scheduled for next Monday, by request, due to the incoming tech platforms and everyone’s desire to keep track of what’s coming up!