Action Alert 4/6/17

Hello Indivisibles! There’s so much to do, and so little time. That’s a pervasive feeling for many of us. Just imagine how the hardest working Members of Congress (ours!) feel. We’re now meeting with each of them, or their key staff, on a regular basis. We will keep you updated on these meetings on our website’s “Updates” page, where you’ll also see information on our interactions with various Indivisible groups and other organizations around the state. The entries on this page are also posted to our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

Now, let’s get to work:


A. NO on H.R. 861

U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz (R - FL 1) introduced H.R. 861 on February 3, 2017. Very simply stated: “To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.” Co-sponsors include congressmen from Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, West Virginia, and Mississippi.

The bill has been referred to the following House Subcommittees: Energy and Commerce; Agriculture; Transportation and Infrastructure; and Science, Space, and Technology.

Our representatives (Thompson - 5th / Huffman - 2nd) will fight this bill. Although calls of support and encouragement do rally the troops, we need a strong path to defensive action against this bill. We must make every effort to fight this where it counts - with the Representatives that support it. That means energizing, educating, enlivening constituents in their districts so that they work against these forces of destruction.

If you know anyone in Gaetz’s district in northwest Florida, or anyone in the districts of the co-sponsors, please contact them and ask them to contact their Representative and say NO to HR 861.

Information on this bill, its sponsors, and the committee members who are sitting in consideration of this bill can be found here:


The Healthy California Act (SB 562) was recently introduced to the California Senate and would initiate a single-payer healthcare system in California. We have become aware that Assemblymember Jim Wood (District 2) can use some convincing. He chairs the Health Committee in the State Assembly. Once SB 562 clears the Senate, that committee would need to hear the bill and pass it on. If he is not on board, he could hold it up.

The bill can be found here:

Rep. Jim Wood’s district starts at College Avenue in Santa Rosa and extends along the 101 corridor to the Oregon border. Below are phone numbers for his offices. If he is your CA Assemblymember, call!

Santa Rosa: (707) 576-2526

Eureka: (707) 445-7014

Sacramento: (916) 319-2002

Ukiah: (707) 463-5770

Sonoma: (707) 576-2526



Please continue to call, email, write and fax your Representative and your Senators. It is working! New scripts are easy to find as an ACTION ALERT in the TAKE ACTION menu of our website After your actions, please use one of the reporting tools (also in the TAKE ACTION menu, or using the Amplify app) so we can understand how effective we are in communicating to our Members of Congress.



Keep your eye on our website’s “Events” pages. They’re updated frequently with new information. Here is the link:

Release Your Returns Picnic and Protest: Please join us on April 15th to call out President Trump to release his tax returns for the last 12 years. Here’s a link to register for the picnic and see all of the relevant information about the protest:

Parking is somewhat limited for this event, so here is a carpool link:

There is a poster-making event this Saturday, April 8 to create posters for the April 15th event. It is being held in one of our activists’ homes. You need to register for the poster-making event in order to be sent the details for its location. Space is limited, so please sign up now. Here’s the link:

March for Science: There is a lot going on in town on April 22nd, Earth Day. We encourage you to go out and get involved! A number of us will be attending the March for Science rally at Julliard Park, followed by a march to downtown Santa Rosa.

We’ll be announcing other upcoming meetings of Indivisible SoCo and look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Stay active. Stay Indivisible. We will win.

In solidarity,

Karen D. and Susan F.

Indivisible Sonoma County