Recap of Jared Huffman Town Hall 05.09.2017

Dominican College, San Rafael, May 9, 2017

We piled into Angelico Hall at Dominican College to see one of the most dynamic presentations that any of us had experienced in our recent activism.  This town hall meeting was titled “Holding the President Accountable,” and we did--all 750 plus of us.  It was a panel discussion in which Representative Huffman was joined by three legal experts, who discussed the many ethical deficiencies of the current administration, as well as some substantive policy issues and legislation.

Representative Huffman began by noting that Trump has done away with decency, tolerance, kindness, respect for human rights, and care for the environment.  The panel’s discussion touched on emoluments, nepotism, and the ever-widening Russia scandal.  Representative Huffman is still calling for an independent, bipartisan investigation.  However, the panel was candid in saying that it is hard to hold Trump and his administration accountable without some cooperation from the Republicans who control Congress.

The panel focused on two of the current administration’s policies and legislation.  Regarding so-called “sanctuary cities,” the panel suggested that progress is being made and that “push back” is the key to a win.  Regarding the AHCA, Representative Huffman indicated that it would be very hard for this bill to pass the Senate in its current form.

In closing, Representative Huffman stated that success in the 2018 mid-terms could be within our grasp if we stay strong and focused. Representative Huffman also provided the money quote of the evening: “Maybe he’ll leave us for a younger country.”

~The Huffman Team