Take Action 10.5.2017

This week, as we learn more about how Russians intervened in our election, we are in 'Go' mode trying our best to stop Republicans from loosening gun control regulations, from passing a budget resolution that will take away safety net services, from moving forward on tax giveaways for the wealthy, and from taking away reproductive rights.

To summarize a horrid week, we quote Robert Hubbell, a private citizen from LA who writes daily for the resistance:

"Between the shootings in Orlando and Las Vegas—a span of 477 days—there were 521 mass shootings in the US. More than one a day. After 58 were killed and 527 wounded in Las Vegas, Trump’s message to the nation failed to mention gun violence. The NRA contributed $30 million to Trump’s campaign. Thirty pieces of silver, that is all it took for Trump to betray the dead. The NRA bought silence from the entire Republican delegation in Congress for $20 million."

1. Take Action by letting Congress know they can help prevent this type of gun violence. We must unabashedly speak out for gun control. Consider getting involved with ‘Moms Demand Action’ https://momsdemandaction.org/ and/or the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence https://www.bradycampaign.org/

2.  Use our Scripts.
We are excited to say that our Amplify actions were way up in September over 1500 individuals actions to Members of Congress. We’ve asked every Amplify user in California to share this script in a call to their Representative:

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent from zip code______ and a member of Indivisible.

In the wake of another horrifying mass shooting, this time in Las Vegas, thoughts and prayers are NOT enough. We in the US have more guns, more murders, more suicides, and more mass murders than any other country - by staggering amounts. To break the cycle and protect more lives, meaningful action must be taken.

This requires considering key policies, such as background checks and limiting access to weapons of war, and preventing more NRA-sponsored bills, like the SHARE Act, from making their way to the House floor.

The SHARE Act (HR 3668) seeks to lift restrictions on the purchase of silencers, while the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (HR 38) would undermine existing state laws regarding who may carry loaded hidden guns in the community.  

Please vigorously oppose these dangerous bills by speaking out on the floor and to the press, I will be watching carefully.

For more click on this helpful information from Indivisible.org. Go to:
Preventing Gun Violence: Tell Your Members of Congress that Their Prayers are Not Enough http://www.indivisible.org/resource/preventing-gun-violence-tell-members-congress-prayers-not-enough/

3. Go to Trainings, Events and Meetings.
Plenty of activity in October month including tomorrow night’s ‘Understanding Evangelical Support for Trump’ http://jonathan-dudley.brownpapertickets.com/
and our Indivisible Sonoma County General meeting on Monday, October 23rd

For more events, click our Master Calendar here.  https://www.indivisiblesoco.com/events/?view=calendar&month=October-2017

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